Greetings and welcome to Jotunheim Nutrition.

I recommend that you to check out the FAQ page to get a good overview of both the products and the company itself.
Moreover, be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates on the products and posts on mythology: @jotunheimnutrition
If you are a interested in stocking Jotunheim Nutrition products in your store (in Europe and Sweden), send us an email to: contact@jotunheimnutrition.com

Lastly, one might wonder; why is the site in English when the shop is only open for customers in Sweden? It is to make the information available for all of my supporters. Even though a large part of my supporters are in Sweden, the overwhelming majority is not. So it is a token of appreciation to keep the informative parts in English. Moreover, since basically all Swedes understand English I do not exclude any Swedes from the information. The names of the products will gradually begin to appear in Swedish but the informative parts will remain in English.

That being said, I welcome you to the page and I hope that you will find some useful information and/or some good products.

Marcus – The Golden One